Diandra Paramitha or Dian Sastrowardoyo Sastro born in Jakarta on March 16, 1982 from the couple Ariawan Rusdianto Setyorini Sastrowardoyo and goddess Parvati. Diandra Paramita Sastrowardoyois an Indonesian model and actress. At the age of 14, she won the teen beauty pageant Gadis Sampul. She began her acting career main cast member of Bintang Jatuh (2002) directed by Rudi Sujarwo. She achieved wider recognition for her role as Cinta in the 2002 film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? a role she reprised in the sequel 14 years later. She won the Best Actress award in Deauville Asian Film Festival for her role in Pasir Berbisik in 2002. Sastrowardoyo is one of the most successful actresses in Indonesia. She is the face of L'Oréal Paris Indonesia since 2010.


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The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork

Once upon a time, there lived a very cunning and mischievous fox. He used to speak to other animals sweetly and gain their trust, before playing tricks on them.
One day the fox met a stork. He befriended the stork and acted like a very good friend. Soon, he invited the stork to have a feast with him. The stork happily accepted the invitation.
The day of the feast came, and the stork went to the fox’s house. To her surprise and disappointment, the fox said that he could not make a big feast as promised, and just offered some soup. When he brought the soup out of the kitchen, the stork saw that it was in a shallow bowl!
The poor stork could not have any soup with its long bill, but the fox easily licked the soup from the plate. As the stork just touched the soup with the tip of its bill, the fox asked her, “How is the soup? Don’t you like it?”
The hungry stork replied, “Oh it is good…