Alexa's Plans for Holiday


Kinanti  : " Good Morning Alexa! How are you today? " Alexa    : " I'm fine thank you. What about you? "  Kinanti  : " I'm fine too, thanks. Do you know that next month our school will be off for 2 weeks? "  Alexa    : " Sure, i know that! I'm so excited because i have planned what  should i do for my holiday."  Kinanti  : " Ohh, me too! What is your plan for your holiday, Lex? "  Alexa    : " I will go to Jakarta for shopping at PIM. I miss that place so much! "  Kinanti  : " Hahaha you are shopaholic, aren't you? "  Alexa    : " Yes, i'am. I don't know when i go to shopping i feel like my stress is gone. " Kinanti  : " Hahaha okay. What's the next plan, Alexa? "  Alexa    : " After that i will go to Grand Indonesia, Casablanca Mall, Dufan, and Sate Taichan Senayan. "  Kinanti  : " Wow, you're trip is about go to the mall right? "  Al…

Generous Man Change Her Life

Every people must have been helped by others. No matter who that's person is but absolutely they have kind heart and noble soul. This is my mother experience which has made my mother life change so hard. My mother always told me that we have to help each other no matter what happen. I was curious, sometimes i felt like, " Why we have to help other people that we don't know who are they? " And my mother said, " We have to do it because we're they family too. One day we will have they help and if we help them we can get any reward from God. "

My mother is from poor family. She lived on Tasikmalaya with 10 siblings. Her father was work as a truck driver. She used to divide the boiled egg into 4 parts for her sister and eat meat once a month. She is smart person. She always learned with her friends, slept at her friends house. Why? Because her family's doesn't enough money to buy somebooks. She have to brought her friends books. She never gave up wi…


Alexa   : " Hi! Are you Kinanti? "
Kinanti : " Yes, I am Kinanti. "
Alexa   : " I'm Alexa from 2 Junior High School. "
Kinanti : " Oh, Hi Alexa! I've heard about you. "
Alexa   : " But, i thought you didn't recognize me, right? "
Kinanti : " Hahaha. I'm sorry. "
Alexa   : " Can you help me? "
Kinanti : " Yes, of course. What can i do for you? "
Alexa   : " As we know, we have some prototypes to do and i'm a bit confused about the prototype. "
Kinanti : "What's make you so confused? "
Alexa   : "The details about the prototype. "
Kinanti : " I think i can help you. Do you have my contact person? "
Alexa   : " Hmm, i don't think so. Can i have it? "
Kinanti : " Sure. Just add my id line. Kinantimaryamj. "
Alexa   : " Ok, i've added your Line "
Kinanti : " I'll send you the modul of the prototype a…

My Life

 My name is Kinanti Maryam Jamilah. You can call me Kinan if you want. I was born on 29th of December 2001. So, i'm 15 years old now. I was study at JHS 5 Bandung and now i'm studying at SHS 3 Bandung. I'm not very tall person, i wearing hijab, and i'm female.My hobbies are sing a song, read some books, watch some movies, and sleep ( lol ).
 My friends usually said that i'm a good listener. I feel happy when my friends tell me about they story or they problem. Not becaue i want to know they story and i share an issue about them to other people. It is absolutely because i care and i want to help them to solve they problem. I have a lot of friends. But, for me i just have 5 bestfriends ( who know me so well ). Some people just want to share they happiness but not they sadness. Join us when we are in happy situation and leave us when we are in bad siatuation.

I like singing. Singing it's my hobby. My mother taught me how to be a good singer. Yea, she is my…